Friday, July 9, 2010


I think that instead of putting my focus in the creation of someone elses work I'm going to try and focus on my own. I hear/see so many blogs talking about this and talking about that and what skirt is cute and what not, blah blah blah. I could care less because that's all open to opinion and if you want to talk fashion, then talk to me in person baby. The consumer has an interesting role, for me I personally find it to be a bore but for others it may just so happen to float their boat. When you purchase or buy it's kind of an appreciation for another person's/artists work, and now days people really "buy into this" no pun intended- in the way that they think that buy purchasing an item it may make them an individual which is great to an extent but please don't take too much credit. Give the credit to the designer! they made that little piece of heaven that you're wearing. Some people do give that credit, but others...please get a life, face the fact that you are NOT creative, so STOP pretending that you have chance, buy all you want consume all you want but why not do us all a favor and attempt to be an edge pusher. Also a good outfit is worth REPEATING don't think you have to wear something new all the time because it's "trendy to do so"..., that's called being selfish and and not environmently friendly. So that was that and I'm going to be posting new designs every time I have the chance.

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